The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch


It is a secret used by highly successful people, which is made known to the common man through this book.

With a simple observation that in his garden, 80 percent of the peas were borne by 20 percent of the pods, Vilfredo Pareto created a revolutionary principle. Known as the Pareto’s principle or the rule of 80-20, the core of this principle lies in the fact, that 80 percent of the results which one receives in a field of activity is a result of 20 percent of the efforts.

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In case of business, merely 20 percent of the customers help in generating 80 percent of the revenue. This principle is developed and presented in a systematic way by Richard Koch. He not only explains the intricacies of the principle but also goes a step ahead by explaining the reasons that make this principle work.


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